The New Wave of Ray-Ban Reading Glasses

Posted October 26th, 2013 by Jada

Depp, Johnny

After experiencing a few ups and downs since their debut in the 1950s, wayfarer frames – particularly Ray-Ban wayfarer glasses – have once again won their way to the hearts of Americans of all ages. 

The History of Wayfarer Glasses

Fashionable celebrities like Kevin Bacon, Madonna and Johnny Depp have been spotted recently with their wayfarer glasses. This wouldn’t be the first time celebrities have given wayfarer frames a PR boost. Look at this brief timeline of wayfarer frames:

  • 1950s-1960s: Original design and first wave of popularity
  • 1970s: Oversized and rimless frames are in, wayfarers are out.
  • 1980s: Wayfarers are back, thanks to Tom Cruise, the Blues Brothers, Michael Jackson and other celebs.
  • 1990s-early 2000s: Wraparound shades steal the scene and wayfarer frames fall by the wayside.
  • Late 2000s: Kid Rock, Jay-Z and a handful of other celebrities revive the wayfarer trend.
  • Today: Trendsetting stars like Justin Timberlake, Ben Stiller and Sharon Stone help bring wayfarer frames back.

Wayfarers are now so popular that Ray-Ban glasses sales are increasing by about 40 percent each year.

The Timeless Style of Wayfarer Glasses

What makes wayfarer frames so long lasting? Is it their universally flattering shape, which is both angular and curved? Or the fact that “nerd chic” or “hipster” fashion is all the rage right now? Maybe it’s both. But at the core of it all, this shape is simply iconic. It offers both nostalgia and trendiness, and the style is appropriate and loved by people of all ages.

Wayfarer Reading Glasses

Wayfarer-style glasses are as popular among reading glasses wearers as they are sunglass wearers. offers hundreds of styles of wayfarer reading glasses and sunglass readers for men and women. Offered by 18 different designers, these frames vary in material, size and price, making them suitable for just about anyone.

Original Ray-Ban wayfarers are finally available as reading glasses only at

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rg-cc-facebook-mainColor Coded Collection Reflects Fall Trends is in love with this season’s shades, both color- and frame-wise, so we created a color-centric collection of sunglass readers and reading glasses for men and women.

The collection features 16 frames from designers like Betsey Johnson, David Yurman, Ray-Ban, Kate Spade and Donnar Karan. Hues vary from subtle to bold.

Stylish Reading Glasses Colors

This season, purple, green, blue and orange tints take front stage. Fashion designers have combined must-have reading glasses shapes like wayfarers, round specs and rectangular frames with this season’s hottest hues.

In the Color Code: Fall 2013 collection, you’ll find everything from round plum Kate Spade reading glasses to emerald green Ray-Ban wayfarer sunglass readers.

Check out the full spectrum of this collection on our Pinterest page or on And color yourself cool!

Join the Conversation - Be first to add a comment Medical Clinic Contribution

Earlier this month, a donation of 300 pairs of reading glasses from made its way to Honduras, where 81 pairs of glasses were distributed at medical clinics run by a faith-based nonprofit organization, Hands in Service.

About the Honduras Trip

On a mission to provide medical aid to disadvantaged communities locally and globally, Hands in Service sent 18 American volunteers to parts of Honduras to diagnose and treat illness. During the trip, nearly 300 people received medical attention, including deworming, dental treatment and reading glasses distribution.

Future Reading Glasses Donations

This was just the first stop for the donated glasses. Remaining reading glasses will be given away on four upcoming mission trips of a similar nature. We are happy to help those in need and thankful for the opportunity.

Read more about the Honduras trip on our press release. And see additional photos on our Facebook page.

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Participate in our Pinterest contest to win your favorite pair of reading glasses. Just pin all the glasses you love between now and October 31, and you’ll be entered to win. A new winner every week!

How to Win Reading Glasses or Sunglass Readers

  • First, follow us on Pinterest at
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  • Each week, we will select a winner at random.

How to Know if You’re a Winner

To notify the winner, we will comment on the winning pin with a link to a contact form. You’ll be able to choose from any pair of reading glasses or sunglass readers on the site.

Learn more on


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grand opening  banner In 1987, we opened the world’s first-ever designer reading glasses boutique, called Reading Glasses To Go. We’re reinventing the flagship once more, adopting the brand name, along with a complete remodel.

Reading Glasses To Go Reinvents Eyewear Industry The flagship store opened in Dallas 27 years ago, raising the bar on reading glasses and totally changing the way people shop for them. We offered an unprecedented upscale shopping experience that included personalized service, incredible selection and professional consultation.

Our success in Dallas prompted expansion into other parts of Texas and Oklahoma, and eventually online, when we launched, the world’s largest online reading glasses store.

Invitation to Shop at If you’re in the area, stop by the flagship on or after September 4, when we’ll be reopening the store. See you there!

Read the whole story here.

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